Sunday, 17 April 2011


so im sitting here on my couch, chillin, watching mtv and this talk about rebecca black comes on again!!!!!
ive honestly had my  brain flooded with that name, yet i havent been able to actually get to it and find out who she is! since ive been so busy. so as im sitting here i decided to jet onto youtube and see what all this talks about.
i think im deaf.
that should have been my title. i swear to god after i went deaf, i ROLLED ON THE FLOOR AND LAUGHED MY LIFE OUT. 108 million views, and over 2 million dislikes later and shes got more fever than bieber.
now i know what all this hypes about and let me tell you her song is  FRESH TO DEATH HA, oh and so is she!
thats my wonderful "made my night" kinda news.

also, since im such a nice person i thought id share this amazing song with you :)


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

yay or nay

question of the day:
based on your opinion whats better? 
yay or nay

Monday, 11 April 2011


hey everyone my name is caroline, and im the blogger newbie (:
this is basically my first post of the day, and hopefully once i get started i'll share some interesting things with all you other bloggers out there, eventually being the best blogging friends ever hahaha. aren't i the comedian, i only kid :) speaking of kidding, "no room for the blues" i dont know how i managed to come up with it, but its actually a super nice nail polish from opi, which in fact is very vibrant blue colour and its super nice! reminds me of summer!! initially i was thinking of making this blog about make-up and what not but i decided not to make it specifically about one topic, instead i want everyone to be involved, so i decided to blog about everything and anything including make-up, oh how i love make-up haha. i wanted to blog about life, about different situations, about funny things, about scary things, about something crazy that happened today, yesterday. I want to blog about someone i saw, ask bloggers out there for opinions, ideas and anything and everything that comes to mind or happens on a day to day basis that im just curious to know.
im a pretty friendly person, and i don't have a one specific interest so i thought, lets give it a go and do everything. i hope youll enjoy my blog posts interesting, follow me, and comment comment comment!
OH and one last thing before i jet to bed (since it is past 1am!!) there's really no room for blues on here, in other words s m : ) e and have an awesome tuesday!!! goodnight!