Tuesday, 12 April 2011

yay or nay

question of the day:
based on your opinion whats better? 
yay or nay


  1. I have neither. I just know... hold on text..

  2. Blackberry Pros over the iphone
    -Hardware, built like a tank
    -Qwerty Keyboard
    -More business intuitive

    Iphone Pros over the Blackberry
    -Operating System
    -Better Camera
    -Bigger screen for media
    -Greater variety of apps

    It all depends on what you like more, I know many people who 'need' a physical keyboard lol.
    Christ i have an iphone and i cant stand not having one.

    Nice blog btw ;) :)

  3. neither of them - windows phone all the way lol.
    before this amazing invention ( LOL ) i might have picked the black berry, well... i dont know lol.
    i think the windows 7 is a mix between the black berry and iphone so all the pros from both into one :-D

  4. If you wanna stick to business then blackberry and if you wanna stick to mediocre business and have some fun then iPhone.

  5. professional - blackberry

    Hipster - Iphone

    which one are you?!