Monday, 11 April 2011


hey everyone my name is caroline, and im the blogger newbie (:
this is basically my first post of the day, and hopefully once i get started i'll share some interesting things with all you other bloggers out there, eventually being the best blogging friends ever hahaha. aren't i the comedian, i only kid :) speaking of kidding, "no room for the blues" i dont know how i managed to come up with it, but its actually a super nice nail polish from opi, which in fact is very vibrant blue colour and its super nice! reminds me of summer!! initially i was thinking of making this blog about make-up and what not but i decided not to make it specifically about one topic, instead i want everyone to be involved, so i decided to blog about everything and anything including make-up, oh how i love make-up haha. i wanted to blog about life, about different situations, about funny things, about scary things, about something crazy that happened today, yesterday. I want to blog about someone i saw, ask bloggers out there for opinions, ideas and anything and everything that comes to mind or happens on a day to day basis that im just curious to know.
im a pretty friendly person, and i don't have a one specific interest so i thought, lets give it a go and do everything. i hope youll enjoy my blog posts interesting, follow me, and comment comment comment!
OH and one last thing before i jet to bed (since it is past 1am!!) there's really no room for blues on here, in other words s m : ) e and have an awesome tuesday!!! goodnight!


  1. hey i love your first entry!! Can't wait to see more and p.s. I LOVE your name of your blog. sweet :-) followed

  2. Love the blog name and great post.